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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the licensing terms of the products?

We have our special and exclusive extended license on all of our products! You can
read more about our extended license

Do I have to create an account to use your site?

Anyone can visit our site anonymously if they want. But you can’t create an account with the same email that you used at checkout in order to gain access to your orders at any time.
And if you create an account you will get the latest offers from

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept credit card and PayPal payments from customers.

How do I access the “My Account” dashboard?

You can login or click on the User icon in the top right menu, and you will see all the menus and monitor your order in detail.

How can I see what I have ordered?

After the payment is complete you will be redirected to download page where you can download your designs and you will receive the purchase receipt. Create an account with the same email that you have used at checkout in order to gain access to your purchases at any time.

How can I get a coupon code?

You must subscribe and we will send the coupon code automatically to your email. And you can fill in the coupon on the cart or check out page, or you can click the cart button on the top main menu and you will get the cart page and the coupon code form.

Are the Freebies really free?

Yes, the freebies are provided to our website users at no cost.Usually we will update every month.

There is a problem with my order; what do I do?

If there is any issue with the order that has been placed, including, but not limited to, incorrect billing charges, failure to deliver the product, inability to access the product, or any other question feel free to contact us

What do I do if I have other questions?

Feel free to contact us through email at any time with any question, suggestion or anything that you think will help improve our site at any time.